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About Reflexology

Reflexology is a gentle, non- invasive therapy that encourages relaxation helping the body to balance and heal itself. The stress that can come with the rush of our daily lifestyle can upset our body’s balance leading to feelings of reduced energy and wellbeing.


The treatment is based on the theory of applying finger and thumb pressure on to reflex points on the feet or hands which reflect different areas of the body. A reflexology treatment can be viewed in many ways but ultimately it is a holistic therapy that is an opportunity to take time for yourself, relax and restore wellbeing. This complementary therapy can be used safely alongside medical treatment. 


The initial treatment is an opportunity to discuss your current health and what you hope to gain from the sessions, this lasts approximately 1hr 15 minutes.  From there we can discuss a treatment plan involving 4-6 sessions with the aim of maintenance balancing sessions.   

Image by Manki Kim
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