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Maternity and fertility Reflexology

Pregnancy is such a physical and emotional rollercoaster.  It's an extremely personal journey with so many symptoms that can occur during pregnancy.  The one  commonality during pregnancy is the need to take a moment to relax, reset and rejuvenate ready for the next phase.  The benefits of relaxation on your body during maternity can be carried through to birth and set the routine of keeping your self care a priority.


If you haven't tried it already reflexology is a way to safely relax during pregnancy and especially postnatally.  It is a wonderful way to help with balancing hormones and encourage the body to fully relax.  

It can help with  :

* aiding better sleep

* improving mood

* fatigue 

* reducing anxiety and stress.

It can also be a support when trying to conceive and during fertility treatment.  Having struggled to get pregnant and having had rounds of fertility treatment I fully recognise how emotional and physically demanding the process is.  The need for relaxation during this time is so important, reflexology can play a part in taking time for you and helping to reduce stress and tension.



You may wish to read how reflexology can help lower anxiety during pregnancy and reducing pain in labour by following the links to research articles below.  If you want to have a chat about how reflexology can help you then give me a call or drop me an note via my contacts page.

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