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Facial Reflexology

What is Facial reflexology?


Facial reflexology works following the same principles of foot reflexology.  The face is divided up into energy zones with reflex points mapped onto the face.  Through applying gentle pressure to these points on the face, the whole body is helped to relax and benefits from increased circulation and release of toxins.


Facial reflexology is inspired by native American methods used for relieving pain and treat a variety of conditions.  I trained with Ziggy Bergman who is an award winning facial reflexologist.  Ziggy teaches globally using a combination of these ancient techniques.  


The difference with facial reflexology is the immediate benefit of a healthy complexion post treatment.  The zone face lift elixir used on your skin  feels so light yet nourishing on the skin.  It contains a beautiful blend of essential oils including my all time favourite rose.



Self help tips

With every session you will be shown a few reflex points for your own self care toolkit.  You will be shown some simple techniques and tools to use on the discussed reflex points.  Take a look at the pictures below to see if there are any reflex points that may help you today.  Please get in touch with any questions you many have.

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